Can I tell you that you won't be the first person to bribe your kiddos for a smile or good photo behavior at our photo session?  Being a mom myself - I'm the same as you!
Let's just say, eleven years in the business, I've found some tricks up my sleeve that help the squirmiest of toddlers, the crankiest of teens, and the most impatient parents.

You might leave your session feeling like your kids were the worst, but I promise you, that's the joy of photography. And why you hire me! I am able to capture those sweet in between moments that you didn't even know existed. 

Having five kids of my own lends to some pretty amazing super powers when it comes to putting newborns to sleep for photos, or capturing your energetic toddlers smiles between them trying to escape the photo session.

I started this business in 2008 for families just like yours.  Something different, something personal.  Pricing that includes everything with no hidden fees.  I'm laid back, and eager to please.  And guess what? I can not wait to hear for you!